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Holiday in the heaven on earth- Kashmir

Updated: Apr 14

Kashmir Tour Trip

Have you been planning to go to Kashmir or to Travel India? Do you want to enjoy the Shikhara rides and the houseboats? Then go ahead and book the Kashmir Travel Packages with us right away. We take you through the best beauties of Kashmir and help you and your family have the best experience of life.

Kashmir is all about the beautiful lakes, the snow-clad mountains and the scrumptious food. You will be able to move through snow blankets if you come here in the winter months. We offer you customised Kashmir Travel Packages that will take you on the most memorable Kashmir trip. Rest assured this will be the best vacation for you and or your family.


When to visit Kashmir

Kashmir is a destination that you can visit all through the year. You get to feel a new experience each time when you are in Kashmir. In the months from April to June, you will be able to do a lot of outdoor activities. This is because it is the summer season here in Kashmir. It is also the time when tourism is at its height.

You can also travel to Kashmir between December to March. This is when the roads will be covered with snow. If you want to experience a winter Christmas then Kashmir can be visited during these months.

You should thus book your package with the Best tour Operator in India based on what you want to experience here in Kashmir. How about you book Luxury tour packages for summer and then come back here again on the India tour packages in winter? We promise you will have a different experience each time.


Things to do in Kashmir

Kashmir is a paradise on earth. You will enjoy the hidden valleys and the lakes that are sure to mesmerise you with their beauty. Let us list the popular destinations that should be a part of your India Best Tour Operator package.



Srinagar is the summer capital and is a must-visit place on your Best Travel company package. You will be able to stay in a houseboat here and also go on a shikhara ride. If you visit Kashmir in the summer or spring months then Srinagar will be in full bloom. In the winter months, the entire Srinagar is covered with a snow blanket. Both the seasons give you a different feel. You should take a shikhara ride on the Dal Lake here. Also, go to Lal Chowk for some shopping. You should also visit the Tulip Garden and the Mughal Garden when you are here. Do book your trip to Srinagar through the Kashmir package and you will surely enjoy Srinagar as your first stop when you are here.



Gulmarg is the next popular stop in your Kashmir package. You are sure to enjoy your stay here. From coniferous forests to brooks and snow there is a lot to experience in Gulmarg. It is a very picturesque place and you can take part in snow activities like skiing if you are there in the winter months. There is the St Mary Church and the Reshi Shrine that you can visit during your stay in Gulmarg. The Kashmir package usually covers a short stay in Gulmarg.



Another popular destination in the Kashmir package is Sonmarg. You can try rafting on the Shutkari Bridge. You can take part in several activities there. There are lakes and glaciers in Sonmarg. You should include this place in your Kashmir package and this place does leave you in awe.



We also recommend Pahalgam in the Kashmir package. You get to enjoy the best rivers when you are here. River rafting is conducted in some months and it is a great experience to enjoy when in Pahalgam. You can also decide to go on treks when you are here. Make sure to set aside some time to include Pahalgam in your India Best Travel Agency tour.


Travel Kashmir Tour

Book a package with expert India Travel guide  - SS Hospitality

There is a lot that Kashmir has to offer. And our Kashmir package is customised to offer you the best experience. We cover places like Jama Masjid, Shankaracharya Hill, and many other places in our India tours. Kashmir is a timeless beauty. You should try out skiing, apple picking, and Gulmarg Gondola, which are some of the unique experiences here. The food here is lip-smacking and you should indeed try out some local flavours. Also, do buy some pashmina shawls and dry fruits to take back home.


Our Kashmir package is one of a kind and promises you memories of a lifetime.

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