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Himachal Tour Places that Combines Beauty and Adventure

Updated: Apr 14

Himachal Tour Places

Have you been planning to visit Himachal and Travel India? Then do not delay your decision any further. Himachal is a place that is sure to leave you spellbound. You get to go on exciting treks and see snow-covered mountains. Himachal also offers some great cuisines for you to try. 


We craft the best HIMACHAL Travel Packages for you. Check out our India tour packages and you are sure to like them whether you are traveling with family or friends.


Himachal is a place that must have been on your mind for long. It is one of the prettiest places in India. It offers you a mix of many things. Whether you are travelling to India with family or with friends or whether you are a solo traveller, Himachal is not going to depress you. The place is a charm and feels out of a fairytale.


Places to visit in Himachal

Dharamshala is a great place especially if you are a spiritual person. You will get to visit some beautiful temples here. There are also several monasteries here. We do include Dharmshala in our Himachal Travel Packages. You get to enjoy a beautiful environment here. There is adventure and tranquillity and you will also get to see the Himalayan range from here with our India Travel guide.



Shimla is another popular destination in our India Best Tour Operator package. It is a well-known hill station. You get to see the picturesque landscape and the streets that are bustling with life. The Mall Road is a favoured joint here. Appreciate the handicrafts here and also take back home some souvenirs.


Dalhousie is a place where you get a more intimate feel. It is a great place and we add it to our Luxury tour packages. Here are lakes and cafes that you should explore. Khajjar is a popular place here. If you are an adventurous person then do not miss this place. There are lots of adventure activities that you can do here.


Manali is the most breathtaking place in Best tour Operator in India  - SS Hospitality package. It is also the hot favourite of all. It is a thrilling destination. You can do paragliding, camping and other treks here. The air is fresh and you get to enjoy your time here.


Khajjiar is also known as mini-Switzerland. It also features in our India Best Travel Agency package. You get to see lakes and pastures on the way. You can also ride a horse or go paragliding here.


Spiti Valley is also a part of the Himachal package. It is a wonderful place and a well-known tourist destination. The valley separates Tibet and India and is also a favourite among adventure lovers. The summer months are great and you can experience snow here.


Kasol is called the Amsterdam of India. It is located on the Parvati River. The place boasts of its scenic beauty. It is also very peaceful. You should add this place to your Himachal package. There are also several food joints here where you can try out delicious local cuisines.


Chail is for someone who likes to camp and trek. It is a hill station. You get to see the Shivalik Range from here.


Other things to do in Himachal

Apart from the sightseeing locations you should also try out the local cuisines of Himachal. trout is a seafood. Also try out thukpa, madra, dham and tudkiya bath.


There are also many adventure activities that you can indulge in when you are in Himachal. The popular sports that you can try out are skiing, paragliding, river rafting, and trekking to name a few. Also, make sure to explore the beautiful tea gardens when you are here. In Himachal, you will also get to experience the Tibetan art and culture. Rock and mountain climbing are also some of the popular sports here. Go camping and collect souvenirs when you are in Himachal.


Himachal Tour Places

Book Himachal Tour Places package with us

Now that you know how beautiful Himachal is do not delay in booking the Himachal package with us. We are here to take care of all your requirements. Whether you want a family Himachal package or an adventurous Himachal package, we will arrange everything for you. So do not worry. All that you need to do is to reach us and we will arrange everything for you.


We strive to offer the best experience to our clients in Himachal. Our India tours thus is something that is filled with experiences. We conduct adventure tours. We also have spiritual tours. We also have packages for families. So go ahead and choose what best suits your requirements with the Best Travel company. Worry not as we will craft the best itinerary for you.

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