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Tour of Slums in India: Experience Something Different

Updated: Feb 20

Slums in India

Do you want to try something different to explore with your family and friends? Plan a Tour of Slums in India and explore the place known for their small businesses. Slum tourism in India has grown and developed into a global industry.


Indian slum tours have recently gained a lot of popularity. In fact, in some cities, slum tourism has even beaten tourism to some iconic sites. These are shanty areas which instead of being a left alone zone have started attracting a lot of visitors who want to understand what life there is all about.


Slum tourism in India has grown and developed into a global industry. Even though pretty new to India, tourists flock in huge numbers to see the slum life first-hand. So do you want to see the other side of India? Then book our slums in India

tour that will take you on an authentic slum visit experience. We conduct our slum tours in several cities in India. The popular ones are in Mumbai and Delhi. Talk to the slum dwellers, understand their livelihood and their daily living conditions and also appreciate how the slum areas in Mumbai and Delhi are today operating a huge and profitable business.


Visit the Popular Slums in India with us

While there are several slums in India there are some that are highly popular, not just among Indians but also among foreigners.


Dharavi Slum in Mumbai India

The Dharavi Slum in Mumbai India. It is also the biggest slum in Asia and the third largest in the world. The place got a lot of recognition after a movie based on the location. There has been a splurge in travelers wanting to explore Dharavi. People come from far and wide to see what exactly is inside the slums of Dharavi.


We offer well-guided tours of Dharavi to take you through the winding streets of this slum. While Dharavi may seem to be a devastated land from the outside it would surprise you to know that it is also the place where several home industries are actively thriving. You can find savoury and sweet businesses, craftsmen, embroidery workers, and several small-scale industries that also offer employment opportunities.


Sanjay colony

Sanjay colony in Delhi is a small area. There are over 50000 people who reside here. There is electricity, toilets and water tanks in this area. Doctors are free while medicines need to be paid for. This is a half-day tour. You will be amazed at the recycling street here where there are several small businesses located. The streets are vibrant with various colors and smells.


Other Slums of India

  1. The Bhalswa slum in Delhi is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River and is supposed to have 20 percent population of Delhi.

  2. The Nochikuppam Slum in Chennai has more than 1300 huts 

  3. The Basanti slum in Kolkata is among the biggest slums in this region

  4. The Bangalore’s Rajendra Nagar Slum is another popular site

  5. Hyderabad has the Indiramma Nagar slum

  6. The Saroj Nagar Nagpur slum, Mehbullahpur Slum Lucknow, Satnami Nagar slum, Bhopal and Parivartan slum, Ahmadabad are other known slums.


Should you go on an India Slum Tourism?

India's Slum Tourism could be an unforgettable experience. You however need to travel with a responsible company like ours and visit the area for the right reasons. Venturing into the slums to create a positive impact on the community is vital. This will create a sustainable and ethical way and can also help the local community. Slum tourism helps in local development and can help to build employment. It helps in socio-cultural engagement. It helps to preserve the traditional resources and helps in the economic growth of the area.

Slum tourism is not just about visiting the poor regions. Tourists visit to help eliminate poverty and offer growth a development to the area. It helps to create opportunities and boosts the conditions of the place.


Slums in India

Book a Slum Tour Package with us

In general, most of us would not relate to a slum with a very positive image. However, when you take a closer look there are a lot of tales told by these Slums in India. It is a unique experience altogether to get an insight into the life in slums in India. We offer you a safe Slum Life walking tour package. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and dress properly. And always travel with a safe guided tour like us for the best experience.

If you wish to explore the hidden streets of the slums of India then come and join us on our India slum tour package, and we are sure that you will be experiencing a feeling like never before.

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