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Why Jungle Safari in India Should be your Next Destination?

Updated: Feb 16

Jungle Safari in India

There's no doubt that Jungle Safari in India is the best Wildlife Adventure Tour for wildlife enthusiast who want to experience the wilderness of nature. Snow-clad mountains, barren deserts, tea gardens and serene backwaters! The Indian continent does not fail to stimulate the senses of a traveler. With a myriad of cultural and historical experiences, it would not be fair to miss out on the Wildlife Adventure Tours that this country takes you to.


If you are a natural and wildlife enthusiast then a safari into the wilderness is a must-try. Not one but India is an abode of several natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries. From the mighty elephants to the ferocious tigers and the one-horned rhinoceros, there is definitely something here for the animal lover.


If you are someone who loves to get close to nature and is in search of some rare animal sightings then here are some of the Wildlife Tour Packages in India that are sure to astound you.


Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries and Parks for Jungle Safari in India

let us list down a few India Wildlife Tour packages that you can experience during your Jungle Safari in India:-


North India Jungle Safari Corbett and Ranthambore

Jungle Safari at Ranthambore - The national park is home to leopards, tigers and some venomous snakes among other animal species.


Jim Corbett National Park - The Jungle Safari Corbett is a popular wildlife destination known for its tigers, bears, and elephant habitats.


Wildlife Tour Package in East India

Sunderbans - Situated on the delta of the Ganga River, it is a tiger reserve in east India.


Kaziranga - Head straight to Kaziranga to spot the famous one-horned rhinoceros.


South India wildlife tour

Bandipur - Head straight to the south to visit the tiger reserve and also marvel at the sandalwood, rosewood, and teak plantations all around.


Periyar - Enjoy a ride in the tropical evergreen and deciduous forest, and you may be lucky to spot some tigers and elephants here.


India wildlife tour package in west India

Gir Forest - Home to the Asiatic lion a safari in this shrubland is worth a visit.


Pench Jungle Safari Tadoba in the central part of the country

Kanha – Sloth bears, hyenas and black bucks inhabit this place. However, the real attraction in the bamboo and Sal forest is the tigers.


Panna- A safari into the Panna National Park can get you close to hyenas, tigers, wolves, and vultures.


Bandhavgarh- Tigers, nilgais, vultures and the four-horned antelopes are common sightings in this forest.


Pench- The Pench Jungle Safari is famous for the Bengal tiger sightings travelers do appreciate the flora and fauna of this place.


Tadoba- Gape at the tigers in the dense and dry deciduous forest of Jungle Safari Tadoba. You can also do Tadoba Jungle Safari Booking Online.

Jungle Safari in India

Enter the wilderness with the Best Jungle Safari in India

Our team books the Best Jungle Safari in India for you on the best possible route and timing that can offer the maximum animal sightings. Jeep safaris are the most popular however some wildlife tour safaris in India offer other options too. Corbett offers canter safaris and Kaziranga offers elephant safaris in addition to the jeep safaris. Boat and canoe are some other safari tours that are arranged based on the location.


Most of our guests prefer to take more than one safari in a day. This is also recommended. As it is a wildlife habitat the number of safaris increases your chances of spotting the wild animals. Most national parks in India conduct 2 safaris per day. There are certain parks that conduct three or more safaris in a day. The first safari usually starts at sunrise and the other safaris are spread accordingly throughout the day as per the season.


The jungle safaris may take over three to four hours depending on the national park that you choose to visit. To make the feel even better we also offer packed lunches or breakfast to our guests to enjoy a small picnic in the jungle during the safari. This is a unique feel appreciated by all our guests.


Whether you are a professional photographer, a wildlife enthusiast or a regular traveler, Wildlife Tour Packages India are sure to be an extraordinary experience. It is thus recommended to keep a few days aside to enjoy the flora and fauna and the natural habitat of some wild animals through our well-planned Wildlife Tours in India



Book Your Best Jungle Safari India

Grab your binoculars and your gear and book one of these exhilarating wildlife tours in India packages. You will get to experience a memorable encounter with some wildlife species through a well-curated Best Jungle Safari India offered by us.

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