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Experience Our Culture Through Traditional Indian Wedding Tours

Updated: Feb 27

Traditional Indian Wedding

The Traditional Indian Wedding is famous across the globe for their grandeur and lavishness. Have you ever desired to attend an Indian wedding? Or have you ever dreamt of doing a mock wedding in India? If yes then check out our exotic Indian wedding tour packages crafted just for you.


Why is the Traditional Indian Wedding in India popular?


The Traditional Indian Wedding in India takes place in some of the most exotic locations. These are set on beaches, luxury hotels, hillsides, or even in a desert. We offer the best destination Indian wedding tour package for you.


The luxury Indian wedding tour packages cover everything that you would need to experience an authentic Indian wedding. You get to appreciate the apparel designs, its colors and weaves. You get to check out the best jewelry and shoes. Furthermore, you get introduced to all the touchpoints that are a part of an Indian wedding.


Our tours also involve lots of fun and engaging activities. You get to experience an Indian wedding dance and gorge on some of the best Indian cuisines.


Along with the experiential Indian wedding tours you also get to understand the rich history of our country. Since most Indian weddings these days are destination weddings you get to understand the culture of the pace in detail.


The big fat Traditional Wedding in India


Destination weddings are not just for the affluent class anymore. There are several popular destination choices for Traditional Wedding in India that you can choose from when in India for the perfect wedding experience.


A cultural Indian wedding tour in India will not just let you enjoy a grand Indian wedding but also let you see a beautiful location. And if you wish to get a mock Indian wedding arranged then this can be done for you too. The customized Indian wedding tour packages are priced economically too.


India offers you a range of Indian wedding tour locations. You can decide from stunning landscapes to architectural beauties that give you a true essence of the traditional culture and vibrancy of a traditional Indian wedding. We can arrange an extravagant Indian wedding tour that lets you experience the big fat Indian wedding.


Popular Traditional Indian Wedding tour destinations


Jodhpur – A prominent city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is among the top choices for your traditional Indian wedding tour. The Indian weddings are arranged in luxury or heritage hotels here. You get to experience the allure of the land the royalty of the havelis and the palaces. This is along with the flavors and colors of Rajasthan. So enjoy the best Indian wedding tour in Jodhpur.


Jaipur – A perfect Indian wedding tour destination in Rajasthan in Jaipur. The city is culturally vibrant and gives you a royal feel. It is also a very sought-after location for Indian weddings.


Udaipur – Situated on Lake Pichola, Udaipur is full of palaces and forts which can be set as your Indian wedding location. If you are looking for a royal Indian wedding tour then this is the place to choose. And if it is your special anniversary, and you wish to say “I do” again then marry like a princess in Udaipur. 


Kerala – If you wish for an elegant Indian wedding tour then head straight to God’s own country, Kerala. You can get to experience a fairy tale Indian wedding tour here. The Indian wedding packages in Kerala are usually set in the backwaters of Alleppey, the beaches of Kovalam or the mesmerizing hill station of Munnar.


Goa – If you are in search of a dreamy Indian wedding tour then Goa is the place to be. An Indian wedding set in the backdrop of the Arabian Sea is a true marvel. There are several luxury hotels in Goa with private beaches where the best destination Indian wedding tour can be arranged.


Andaman – Another of our popular Indian weddings on the beach tour is in Andaman. Andaman has some amazing spots and offers breathtaking views. There are several beaches in Andaman with luxury hotels where we can take you to experience a great Indian wedding tour.


Agra – A wedding in the city of the Taj Mahal is sure to get etched in your mind forever. Agra is a popular romantic Indian wedding tour destination. The popular locations here are on the banks of the Yamuna River.

Traditional Indian Wedding

Book your Indian wedding tour to Experience the Tradition of Indian Wedding

Are you tempted to experience the Tradition of Indian Wedding? Then let us take you on a grand Indian wedding tour. You get to enjoy the entire wedding and be a part of the traditions. And if you decide to get a mock Indian wedding arranged in one of these exotic locations then we will be happy to plan everything for you.

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