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Enjoy a Serene Beach Experience with Mauritius Tours Packages

Updated: Mar 5

Mauritius Tours Packages

Mauritius is a paradise. The country boasts of beaches and natural trails. If you are looking for any Mauritius Tours Packages soon then reach out to us for the best curated Mauritius Tours from India.


We have created a Mauritius Tour Packages in India to meet the desires of every kind of traveler. With a personal touch to our family Mauritius tours from India, we offer to you a plethora of services to create the most memorable experience for you and your family or friends.


What does Mauritius Tours Packages have to offer?

The Mauritius Tours Packages offers endless stretches of shining beaches and emerald-clear waters. You can explore the mountains and forest and go on a hiking trail.


If you wish then you can also venture into a fishing village or enjoy a sip in the shacks. Waterfalls and scenic spots are an add-on to your adventure Mauritius packages in India. You can go horse riding or diving and sail in the sunset. So book our thrilling Mauritius tour India and set sail to the beautiful beaches of Mauritius.


Mauritius is where you can try out various water sports and golfing too. All through May to December Mauritius offers cool nights and dry days. This is a pleasant season to book your package.


Things to do in Island of Mauritius and Mauritius Tour Places

The Island of Mauritius has many things to offer and some Mauritius Tour Places:-

Le Mourne Brabant is a mountain landscape, and you get to see a lot of history here. It was a refuge shelter for the slaves who ran away from the African mainland. There are caves that have concealed these refugees.


Troudd’Argent is a beach on the famous Rodrigue Island and is part of our popular Mauritius Tour from India. The beach is beautiful with white sand and blue waters. It is loved by all and you will be able to relax under the sun here.


Maison Eureka takes you to the colonial era. You can visit the creole here that is indeed something to visit. It is a museum today and the architecture here is sure to amaze you. The sightseeing destination is part of your Mauritius tour package in India.


Black River Gorges National Park is a park in the rugged mountains of Mauritius. You will enjoy rainforests and can go on a picnic or hiking trail. There is flora and fauna and you get to see several rare species here. It is also home to several birds and animals. 


National History Museum lets you explore the roots of Mauritius for Tourism. There are some lovely artefacts. You will also get to see the bones of several birds and tortoises. A visit to the museum lets you understand more about this country.


Port Louis is a famous tourist spot and is part of our package. You will be amazed at the cultural attractions that this place offers. Here you will also visit the Blue Penny Museum where you get to see the colonial stamps from across the globe.


Grand Baie is a fishing village and is also a famous tourist spot. You can take a ride in the bay. There are many unusual spots for sightseeing and it is also kid friendly.


Not just the sights but Mauritius is also a great place to try some great cuisines. Our popular Tour Package Mauritius from India lets you experience some famous cuisines. You can try Achard, Alouda, DholPuri and the famous Mauritian Biryani.


If you are looking for unique things to do then go and pick your tea amidst the tea plantation. Or just go and try out some water sports. You may want to climb the signal mountain or play with the cubs of lions at Casella Park. If on a honeymoon package then sail on a boat to the Riambel beach and appreciate the sunset.


The beaches in Mauritius are to die for. You have the Flic en Flac bech, Mont Choisy Beach, Pereybere Beach, Belle Mare Beach, La Cuvette Beach and several others. You can try water sports, go scuba diving, or play volleyball on the beach. There is so much to do when in Mauritius.

Mauritius Tours Packages


Book your budget India to Mauritius Tour Package with us

A trip to Mauritius can be an experience of a lifetime. However, you want to make it memorable and hassle-free. We offer among the best all-in-one Mauritius Tours from India.


To explore Mauritius tour package from India is curated to meet the needs of every traveler. You can book our trips and leave everything to us. We manage everything for your travel to ensure you have a smooth holiday and take back home some of the best memories of Mauritius. So, reach out to us and let us create the perfect Mauritius itinerary for you.

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