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Russia Tour Package: A Must-Visit Destination for the Entire Family

Updated: Feb 28

Russia Tour Package

Are you thinking of visiting one of the most popular travel destinations in the world- Russia? Through Russia Tour Package, we help you explore the length and breadth of the country through our amazingly curated Russia Tours from India. Explore over 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites and 11 time zones while you will be astounded to know that Russia holds 255 of the freshwater lakes in the world.


In short, our Russia Tour Packages in India are a tourist’s delight. Rich in heritage and culture the country also boasts of its modern infrastructure. Whether you are young or old, Russia is indeed a must-visit destination.


Places to Visit in Russia Tour Package

Russia spread over Asia and Europe. It is a paradise for history buffs. However, our package covers a lot more Places to Visit in Russia that you can explore. From the stunning cities to the smaller towns our Family Russia tours from India take you on a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Moscow is the first destination in our package. The city boasts of its history, and you get to see the Saint Basil Cathedral and the Red Square here. There are several other sightseeing attractions covered in our package. You can also go shopping and enjoy the nightlife here in Russia. 


St. Petersburg is the next Tourist Places in Russia, known as the Venice of the North. You are sure to find this place splendid. The city is covered with bridges and monuments. You can also enjoy some ballet and opera here. You will be able to visit the Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace which is covered in our popular Russia Tour from India package. Apart from these popular cities our package also covers other places like Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and Sochi.


Irkutsk is another holiday destination that is covered in our explore Russia tour package from India. You can appreciate the Siberian wooden architecture here. This is easily visible when you walk through the city’s lanes. You can spend some quality time at the restaurants and cafés here. The popular attractions here are the Irkutsk Museum of Fine Arts and the Angara Museum.


Sochi is also a popular destination in our package and this city sits on the Black Sea. It is a destination that should be covered if you are a beach lover. You can relax in the nightclubs and restaurants when you visit this place.


Our package also takes you to Kazan which is an impressive part of Russia. You will be able to appreciate the thriving culture and the magnificent churches here. The city is very beautiful and there are several attractions like the Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Freedom Square.


Some of our thrilling Russia tour India packages also take you to Veliky Novgorod. This place is famous as it served as the Russian capital in the 9th century. The city sits on the banks of the Volkhov River. There are many monuments and monasteries that have been preserved from ancient times. It is a place full of history.


Also, explore Nizhny Novgorod through our package which is a pretty Russian city. You will be able to admire amazing hills that overlook the Oka and the Volga rivers. You will be able to see some of the best museums and cafés here. Do not miss the tram ride when you are here.


Trip to Russia Package

Our Trip to Russia Package has something to offer to all. Our Russia tour package in India is designed to meet the needs of every kind of traveler.


If you wish for unique experiences then a canal tour in St. Petersburg, skiing in the Red Valley or being a part of the Bubble Baba Challenge is something that can be added to your list.


The adventure Russia packages in India are for those who want an adrenaline rush can be some canal tours, climbing, northern lights, riverboat rides and many more.


There are lots of places in Russia also included in our package that serve authentic Russian food. It is a must for every food lover,


And when it comes to shopping Russia offers some really classy places. There is GUM, Arbat Street and the Okhotny Ryad to name a few places where you can shop.


Russia has a vibrant nightlife too.

Russia Tour Package


Book Our Russia Tours from India to Visit Famous Places in Russia

You can visit all the Famous Places in Russia through the year. There is something that is offered in every season. The country has several outdoor attractions, customs, traditions, and landscapes. There are thus many reasons why you should plan to visit this country. We can help you with a budget India to Russia Packages that covers things of your interest.

So if a trip to Russia is on your bucket list then reach out to us, and we will offer to you the popular Russia Tour Package from India to explore the magnificence of this country.

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